Dropzone – FULL Stream Package

Продавам Dropzone – FULL Stream Package за 10лв.
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При интерес ми пишете на имейл - filip.svilenov@yahoo.com или тука в темата. Приемам банков превод, PayPal, EasyPay или в кеш :smiley: .

Пакета съдържа:

Full Package

Includes all files from the overlay and alerts packages
Overlay Package

Webcam frames
Screen designs (Starting, BRB, Ending, Intermission, Just Chatting and blank versions)
Stinger Transition. Includes WebM with and without sound
Includes .overlay file for Streamlabs OBS
Includes one-click setup link for StreamElements
Profile panels and icons, with profile panel .psd
Alert Package

Includes alerts with editable fields
Animated designs for various alerts
Quick install links for Streamlabs and StreamElements
Customize colors of elements via our custom fields
Change the language and text used